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About The Group:

This group is for all people who love and adore the great and powerful artist known as Rob Liefeld.

You can post fan art. Talk about rob liefeld. Draw your own tribute to his greatness. Take pictures of his hair you secretly clipped off of his head when he wasn't looking at Comicon. Or anything else Rob Liefeld related.

About The Rob Liefeld:

Seriously Is there another better artist? "No." is what you were thinking. None. His dramatic style echos through the hallowed halls of an unmatchable comic gods realm. A realm so powerful... feet are unnecessary. No need to draw them. No need for real perspective, "Robspective" is king. Gritty facial features astound and brush hair pleases the heart. If only all artist could be rob liefeld.

Origins of this group:

This group was lovingly started by superfan "Oh! Oozi". Me. I started it. To my amazement there were no Rob Liefeld focused groups. Seriously people? How could you let this huge artistic supernova slip past. It's like ignoring the earth crashing into mars while martian unicorns hijack our TV airwaves performing Madonna cover songs. Impossible. You should be ashamed.
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Jul 27, 2011


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133 Members
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I've heard many artists, creators and critics attempt to bring down the beautiful design aesthetic that is the pouch. Specially Rob Liefelds use of the pouch. LIKE THIS. Which at first glance, seems, excessive. Maybe even downright silly (I mean, having pouches in the back of your shoulder blade is a little difficult to access to say the least).

What it really comes down to is the debate on top of everyone's mind:
To pouch or to not pouch?

I will break down this Heavily debated, societal relevant, question with my top three factors.


Logical Factor:

We all use pockets, bags and purses. We as humans all have essential things we need to carry around daily. Now, if you're a higher level of human, say super, wouldn't you have a need for even more ways to carry things? If a regular human has say a wallet, keys and phone to carry around wouldn't a super human have multiples of these things? Which brings us to the unrelenting-never-ending-infinity loop of pouches Liefelds character have. Even though I have never personally seen one of his characters use these pockets, I believe that every single pocket possesses an essential item. Extra lasers cartridges. Grenades.  Keys to the youngbood jet. Keys to the youngblood off-road artillery vehicle.  Keys to the youngblood Fanmail P.O. Box. Etc.

Visual Factor:

Look. We all know it would be uncomfortable and generally more difficult to walk wearing a set of pouch straps on both upper thighs. Especially if your leg muscles are like watermelons on steroids. But, damn, if the repetative pattern of button down pockets doesn't look cool. Because if you are a hero you need to look cool. It's just bad PR to look like you made your costume from the scraps of a highschool musical.

Extreme Factor:

This is the intangible. The 'ROB" factor. He realized very early on in his career that pouches are not only vital to a characters survival but are just damn cool. And If you add enough of something the over-kill-ness of it makes it extremely cool. So 4 out of 5 characters have them.

You may think this is lazy design, but, just when you think he phones in a design, he pulls it off with a slight change in costume color. Or a character is left handed instead of right handed. "That's NOT Cable... it's Shafts father! Same pouches, shoulder pads and hair... but look, a different eye is glowing!" Only Rob could pull that off with genuine artistic integrity.


Final verdict: TO POUCH!

-Oh! Oozi
This has been, "Rob The Best 4 Eva: But why?", a (semi) weekly (yearly?) tribute Blog to Rob Liefeld by Oh! Oozi. :iconpuppygrenade:
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You can remove it from the group by going to the deviation. Not sure what you are upset about. I added the Green Mile pic because I feel that Omar-Shotgun's work has a bit of a Liefeld feel to it occasionally. Omar-Shotgun had to accept the pic into the group before it went into the gallery, so obviously he has no complaints.
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