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About The Group:

This group is for all people who love and adore the great and powerful artist known as Rob Liefeld.

You can post fan art. Talk about rob liefeld. Draw your own tribute to his greatness. Take pictures of his hair you secretly clipped off of his head when he wasn't looking at Comicon. Or anything else Rob Liefeld related.

About The Rob Liefeld:

Seriously Is there another better artist? "No." is what you were thinking. None. His dramatic style echos through the hallowed halls of an unmatchable comic gods realm. A realm so powerful... feet are unnecessary. No need to draw them. No need for real perspective, "Robspective" is king. Gritty facial features astound and brush hair pleases the heart. If only all artist could be rob liefeld.

Origins of this group:

This group was lovingly started by superfan "Oh! Oozi". Me. I started it. To my amazement there were no Rob Liefeld focused groups. Seriously people? How could you let this huge artistic supernova slip past. It's like ignoring the earth crashing into mars while martian unicorns hijack our TV airwaves performing Madonna cover songs. Impossible. You should be ashamed.
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Jul 27, 2011


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187 Members
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First things first:
I couldn't illegally download the First issue of Darker Images #1 which features the beautifully rendered short story of Bloodwulf by the majestically talented Rob Liefeld, alongside stories by the "decent" Sam Keith and some guy named Jim lee. So this review will be from Memory (I own the issue but it's tucked away in a box, inside of another box, inside of a basement filled with spiders. And I am NOT about to fight off an army of potentially angry spiders to do this review. #srynotsry)

On to the Review:
There was a time when creating new issues of Youngblood was not a timely necessity for Rob Liefeld. He had already achieved God-like inscriptions on glossy newsprint with the first 4 issues of Youngblood. So his attention to deadlines for that book became an afterthought as be began to create new completely original properties, like Bloodwulf.

Bloodwulf was an intergalactic bounty hunter with crazy AF hair and a bad attitude who happened to ride a motorcycle-shaped-spaceship. Also, He was very violent! Now, now, I know your thinking , what about  DC comics Lobo !!! Well, lobo was ALSO an intergalactic bounty hunter with crazy AF hair and a bad attitude, who rode a motorcycle-shaped-spaceship... BUT, Bloodwulf rode a motorcycle-shaped-spaceship that was ALSO a giant gun. Big difference! I'm sure that calmed down your thoughts that Rob would ever steal an idea from another artist. Rob Liefeld is like the Picasso, Divinci and Michelangelo all smushed into one extremely mushy pile of astoundingly skilled modern comic book goo. His art-Goo gets stuck to your eyes and soul like Christmas tree sap. You try to get it off of your skin but it's stuck there for what feels like forever. That's Rob Liefeld's art...

Back to the book, In Darker Image #1 the Bloodwulf 8 page(?) story featured a very grinny, 1000 toothed guy with orange hair who did some stuff on a space station, shot a guy's head off and probably something else. I don't really remember, but it was life changing. After reading, I mean, after looking at the pages I remember this feeling of serene bliss wash over my body... numbing me to the core. It was one of the few times in my life where I actually felt at peace with the world. Truly Happy.

Buy Darker Image #1 immediately if you don't already have it framed on your wall! Just make sure to rip out all the non Rob Liefeld pages, they're just filler.

Awesome rating scale (1-5):
2 Grinny smiles and 15 Backwards thumbs up

-Oh! Oozi
This has been, "Rob The Best 4 Eva: But why?", a (semi) weekly (yearly?) tribute Blog to Rob Liefeld by Oh! Oozi.
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helljumper36 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016
I looked it up. Turns out he's just enhanced to have extended longevity, which explains why he lives on to become Absolution and later Crypt.
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